Credit Card Offenses in Virginia

There are three credit card crimes in Virginia: credit card theft, credit card fraud and credit card fraud. Virginia categorizes credit card card crimes as an identity theft type and considers these crimes as a critical crime. There are fines, penalties and imprisonment for each charge.

Credit Card Theft

To gain a conviction for credit score card theft, the Commonwealth should be able to:

  • that the defendant receives a credit card (or a wide variety of credit cards) from another character,
  • without the permission of the credit card holder,
  • It is not a crime to have a stolen credit card, although it is the reason to use both the facts and sell.

Commonwealth must prove the credit card (or number) that has been incorrectly altered or replaced by the expertise that was received and received incorrectly. The availability of several stolen credit cards has the right to prove that the offense has occurred. The supervision of a person responsible for credit card robbery may be confronted with up to 20 years in prison and $ 2,500 in sentences. In addition, they usually have to pay compensation to the patient. (Va. Code 18.2-192).

Credit Card Fraud

To gain a conviction for credit rating card fraud, the Commonwealth must be established:

  • the defendant receives a certain amount of credit card usage from a service provider,
  • the defendant does not become an authorized person with the help of the card holder or card holder to apply the credit card card,
  • The defendant had to defraud the company.

Commonwealth could not only show that the defendant was a cardholder and used the card. They must show additional detail details to defraud the issuer. This crime has a sentence of 1-10 years in prison and an additional $ 2,500. Again, the convicted man or woman must pay compensation to the patient. (Va. Code 18.2-193)

Credit card fraud

To earn a conviction for credit score card fraud, the Commonwealth must establish:

  • the defendant receives credit card (or diversity) from another man or woman,
  • to apply for the use, sale or modification of the card holder or any other person than the issuer,
  • that the defendant uses the credit score card (or number) to shop for a value,
  • The defendant has the intention to compensate.

Other variations of this offense are an expired or canceled card (or card number), fraudulent use, fraudulent use of credit card, ownership of credit card fraudulent devices and illegal use. Use credit card scanners or re-encoders. If the cost of all the goods obtained incorrectly using the defendant exceeds two hundred dollars in a 6-month period, the crime category is a crime of 6 and is sentenced to 1-3 years of imprisonment. Otherwise, the offense is treated as a category 1 misdemeanor and includes up to twelve months of imprisonment and a penalty of at least $ 2,500. (Va Code 18.2-195) If you are dealing with theft costs for any credit card violation, you should immediately contact a lawyer to talk about your options.